Monday, December 24, 2007

The Messy Gift of Christmas

Keith Boyd
Christmas can be messy. Baby born in a barn wrapped in rags. Barns are messy. Mary didn't say- "Sweet they gave us the stable- what a unique birthing experience!"

This is a messy world. We can't fix it. The angel said God is coming into the mess of this world. Sometimes we think we need to fix our messes before we can come to God. We are a roomful of messy people. God is not afraid of a mess. God smiles when someone comes to him to clean up their messes.

We have to decide here tonight. You may not be buying this whole Saviour thing. That's ok. The shepherds went to check it out. They didn't know for sure either.

Lord show me how to clean up my messes. If you choose to move forward with God this next year can be your greatest ever.

When your home is a mess this Christmas remember God came into a mess.

Emmanuel we worship you. We honour you our God with us.

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