Sunday, April 19, 2009

Renee Dueck Memorial Award


I just wanted to let you know that we are again giving out the Renee Dueck Memorial Award to a first year film student who is courageous, creative , thoughtful, and "always there for you", expertise in photography is a bonus. The first years vote for the person that they think has these qualities, it is a peer award. Dani Eggen and Shannon Archibald, lead this process and will present the award on Thursday April 23rd at the first year screening.

all the best


Seanna McPherson
Program Coordinator

Thank you so much for continuing to honour Renee's memory. We'd love to be there for the presentation, but it is not possible this year. Perhaps next.
We wish all the graduates well and in particular, the recipient of this year's award. Congratulations and all the best in the years to come. For more information check out and
Raymond & Martha & family


  1. Hello, I am Kana Sawamoto who got first "Renee Dueck Memorial Award" at Capilano University last year. I am from Japan. English is my second language so if I write unclear to you, I am sorry...

    Unfortunately, I didn't have an opportunity to meet Renee but since I got the award, I feel I have been working with Renee together. This award has been encouraging me a lot to work hard.

    Also this award reminds me of a lot of love and' consideration. I feel Canada is my second home country.

    I promise here, I keep working hard and I will make my dream come true with Renee.

    Take care

    Kana Sawamoto

  2. Kana
    Thank you for responding. It is very appropriate that you would get that award. Tomoko, also from Japan, went to high school with Renee and after high school Renee arranged for her to live at our place for several years while she went to University. Renee would have liked it that you got the first award.

  3. Martha and I are planning to come to Vancouver June 17 - 20. We would like to select a suitable stone while we are in Vancouver that would become a memorial marker for Renee. Do you know of a particularly interesting stone that we would be appropriate for this?

    PS - we'd like to meet you, Kana, while we are there. cell #204-782-2112 e