Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our Van Got Stolen Last Night- NOT

This morning Martha noticed the garage door open and the van gone. We reported it to the police and to Autopac. When Autopac asked who drove it last, I said I did. No- wait. Martha did. No she didn'd. We forgot the Van at the mall where I picked Martha up before going for dinner.
We went to Wasabi on Broadway.


  1. Anonymous10:46 PM

    Wow...how old did you say you are,Ray? Ha Ha...just kidding. Glad to hear everything turned out okay.
    Bryan Dueck

  2. I feel a lot better knowing that mistakes like this happen to intelligent successful people. I may change some names I call myself sometimes.
    You're a good guy to admit this to your readership Ray.

  3. Anonymous8:28 AM

    This was too funny; more like something that would happen to me, but I probably wouldn't admit it like you did.