Sunday, June 21, 2009

First Things First

It is hard to be a father
Prov 4:23 Guard your heart Is the One thing God asks us to do.
Everything you do or are stems from your heart
What happens if your heart is not well.
Unguarded heart. General George Custer
The little big horn - Custer's last stand. They all died.
He made 3 Mistakes.
1. Self Serving agenda -he wanted to go to the White House
2. A Complacent heart. Caught off guard.
3. An-attended - "all about me" attitude.
Who gives the "more" and fills your tank?
John 10:10 Jesus promised that by faith in him we would have an Abundant life.
Heart checkup
1. Look under the hood
Is the ignition system working? Tuned? Find out what's wrong. Shut of the computer. Cell & e-mail. Can I sustain the pace?
When we are not dire to God we mistreat the ones we love.
2. Look in the mirror, look up. Who will sharpen you?
3. Look up Ps 139:3-4 Not just around. Do you need heart surgery?
Heart killer diagnosis
1. An unclear purpose
2. An unemployed talent
3. An unbalanced schedule
4. Unconfessed sin
5. Unresolved conflict
6. life style
9. Unsupported spirit take time w God
God gives beauty for ashes
Are you ready to receive that? Is Jesus the leader of your Camp?

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  1. these are the important questions that we need to ask ourselves.