Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blessed are the meek

Change the world? Has your life changed? Change is part of everyone's life. Sometimes that is a threat.
Some of us need to have 5 things going on at the same time.
For some of us life is boring. Some of us may want change for the sake of excitement.
What is loyalty?
We have a changing world since Adam and Eve.
We are all about me. Why do we chase the ME? We always want to change our environment for my way or the highway.
Matth 5:1-5 Blessed are... The Meek...
Jesus reveals the blueprint exemplified on how to be free of selfish ambition
Blessed are those who consider themselves nothing. Lost. The worst sense of poverty for a soul is when thy have no sense of the need for God.
Meek: Deficient in courage Or the Greek meaning: strength under control. Like a stallion under control. Not to hurt a fly.
Not weak - lay down your pride, and agree with what God want to have done in your life.
People in Jesus' time were waiting for release from the terrors of Rome.
Some are waiting for a Brad Pitt to sweep them into lala land.
Along comes Jesus of Nazareth and says Blessed are the Meek.
People don't want to walk that second mile.
In our culture meekness has been rejected and replaced with a vacuum of barbaric behavior.
Gal 5:22 Holy Spirit creates gentleness...
Meekness speaks the truth with love. Not just niceness.
Num 12:3 Moses was the most meek person on earth. But he stood up to Pharaoh in the power of God.
Abraham the father of our faith. Gen 13:8 he could have pulled rank on his hitchhiking relative. He did not, but took what was left.
Rom 12:10 the Meek will inherit the land.
the God who promised to give me strength helps me to relax. Forgive restore. Because Jesus forgives and restores me. He is in Control of the Meek.
He came as a baby- he is coming as Lord sitting on his throne of ultimate power.

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