Sunday, September 25, 2011

Risk IT! Community in a Timmy's World
Cheers- there is someone who knows you! Jesus calls you by name.

Praise is rising in Your presence all our fears are washed away. Hosanna we welcome you here Lord Jesus. In your kingdom broken lives are made new. 'Cause when we see you we find strength to face the day.

Wonderful intimate beautiful God of Love. Our God is good faithful strong able faithful in the way you father me
Tuesday The Prodigal God study starts.
Oct 2 fall festival at Eastview free lunch. Alpha Course starts in Rm108 at 9:15 am
Oct 21-23 Marriage Retreat
Dec 1,2,3 Dinner Theatre

Risk IT! Community in a Timmy's World
Pastor Delbert Enns Acts 2:42-47

I want a godly family where everyone is addicted to coffee. Tim's world - Not as good as Starbucks.
Coffee bars in some churches are real fancy.
Coffee was developed in China. Ethiopians loved coffee - the Queen of Sheba may have shared coffee with King Solomon.

The Jerusalem coffee shop shared everything with all believers. Jehovah Java Blend.
They praised God together. One heart one mind devoted to one purpose. Devoted mother. Devoted father. What do they look like?

Passion is an emotional response to an experience. Sports.

Requirements for replacement of Judas. Must be someone who was with Jesus during his ministry time. Peter spoke up because he had been forgiven. He spoke powerfully. This Jesus you crucified is the Lord and Messiah. Save yourselves from complacency. We need more passion. Passion & loyalty = devotion.

Manitobans are not loyal shoppers. They drive miles to save a penny. Marriage is not wonderful all the time. But 40 years of marriage faithfulness is well worth it.

Book- The Gospel According to Starbucks.
E - epic experience is unique. What surrounds the product? Entertainment is not what it's about. Study the Prodigal God Book
Roll up the rim to win. Roll up your sleeves to win people to Christ next Sunday. Get involved. Give invitations to your neighbours.
6:30 dialogue about last View future
Image Epic: The book of Acts church developed symbols. The Cross. Digging into the Word. The Cup and the Bread. Celebrate Jesus' death. There has never been an epic event like that. Jesus paid the price.

All to Jesus I surrender Lord I give myself to you. Fill me with your love and power.

Epic- c- Connection- Know each other by name
Invite someone for lunch today. Participate with each other.

You paint the night you count the stars by name - God you reign. Forever and ever

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