Saturday, November 12, 2011


11/11/11 University Professor Dr Barbara Sherwood Lollar, Department of Geology:

Today you get to show your family & friends what you've been up to. When I showed my grandma my Doctorate, she said: "Couldn't you have become a real doctor?"

We have found out that life is more than photosynthsis. There is Chemosynthetic life deep underground or deep under water. There is life there. When we explore the darkness the miner's lamp gives no peripheral vision. It requires team work to see what's there. The shadowbiosphere was discovered 30 years ago.

Today is your day. The focussed beam of light. What are you missing outside your main line of focus? Remember the shadow biosphere. Celebrate your achievements

Awarding degrees:

Dr of Philosophy all red gowns.

Master of Arts.

Alayna Dueck Medieval Studies

Master of Science.

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