Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lift up a heart of praise.
Welcome. We had a great week of VBS. Yesterday's new baby Kylie Chandler is the new aunt.

Come just as you are to worship.
My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness the solid rock. All other ground is sinking sand.

Story time. VBS was fun. Jump in faith is not always easy. We need instructions. Life is like that. We have an instruction book the Bible. It is not an ordinary book. There are all kinds of books written by one person each. The Bible is written by many people over many years. Paul wrote a lot of letters including one to Timothy. Paul said there is life in the Bible. What does that mean? God inspired the writers to write what they wrote. If you are ever bullied you can read the story of Daniel and the lion's den. Jesus wants to be your friend and help you.

Holy words long preserved
They resound with God's
Ancient Words ever true
Changing me changing you
Oh let the ancient words impart
Holy words

Greg Armstrong and Lindsey from Saloam - giving food to the homeless.
Look at your home key again. It says you own something. Your space in the world. Feeding people delivers grace.
We bought a new building for the homeless to call home. We are looking for donations to help these people settle in.

A man built a house on sand. It collapsed on him.
Foundation of faith. Jesus' birth is a miracle.
The Bible points us to the foundation of our faith.
When you came in you got a Bible. Find God NEW TESTAMENT. Pray for someone and give it away.
Isaiah says God's Word will bear fruit.

Go to page 141 John 1 his word brought light to everyone. Read the book of John. The Word is powerful.
Nature has an instinct. Geese are getting ready to fly south.
God is inviting us to cooperate with him to bless people. A river flows  purest from its source.
Page 267 you know you will suffer. Many died for their faith. Remain faithful to what you've been taught. Be prepared for every good work. Paul was soon to die by getting his head removed.
Grandmother was a wonderful woman. Always hospitable. Working on the street helping the down and outers. One day someone hit her on the head with an axe. When she was ready to go back on the street grandpa asked her what she was doing. Going back to help my boys. One of them tried to kill you. They wouldn't do that if they knew my JESUS.
The Nicene creed was drafted in a giant ecumenical meeting.
The truth for salvation is in the Word.
READ IT. Olive do you believe God exists? Yes I talked to him this morning.

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