Monday, November 19, 2012

Elizabeth Siemens (Eidse) 88

Fondly remembered by her family of 14 children 69 grandchildren and 54 great-grandchildren. She and Ben (my oldest? cousin) were married 66 years.
Elaine David Minna Alvina Mary John Julia Elizabeth Menno Linda Vernon Becky Christine Reg
Lots of tears and love. Everyone will miss her so much.
She sang a lot. Loved chocolate coffee and real cream. She was an expert at knipsbrat. Now mom is teaching the angels how to sing.
Julia. She loved her kids unconditionally. Never condemned them.
Menno. Wasn't always obedient. One time he went to ask for forgiveness and she said she had forgiven a long time ago.
Linda. Looks like her mom. What gives it at your house? She always cared about each one of her grandkids.
Bill. Her driving habits were something else. She liked to drive fast.
She would tell lots of stories. She had the best crab apple juice.
She gave me a candy I choked and she saved my life.
Becky Bruce. She said things in funny English. Vegitaebl. She was very accepting of the in-laws. Lots of laughter.
Mom laughed she couldn't stop.
Reg. The youngest. I am bound for the promised land was her life's motto. She did not worry about time. She had time to show love to everyone.
Ben Eidse. Betty was a real encourager to him in his Christian life. She was a real mission supporter.
Song by grandchildren: do never trouble trouble until trouble troubles you.

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