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Audition for the Wiseman

Dave Ens Pastor
The story is so familiar and often we miss the essence of the story.

The Wiseman traveled from afar and they have some royal connections. They are overjoyed when they find the baby. Gold frankincense myrrh. What is that?
Anna the prophetess and Simeon have a different reaction.
The magi leave quietly. They saw something else. Gold fit for a king. Incense to worship God. Myrrh for his death and burial.
The baby in a manger. Nice food trough. That's the picture we give away. We don't give bloody Easter cards to our friends. Why not?
There is a new way of living now. Jesus came to make things new.
Magi might have seen death on Jesus's face. Is that why they left? For something new to happen, something has to die. There has to be space created for the new light and life. We can't look at the manger and not see the cross.

Isa 9,6 a child has been born. Zeal will change the world. Passion. Happens all over. Anger and jealousy are part of the zeal of the season.
God's zeal comes in a way we don't expect. Rom 5,6 God proves his love. While we were still sinners Christ died for us. The passion of God. The zeal of God.
Christmas starts small. A baby in a small town, shepherds with small influence. God will make all things new.

We recognise the true story when we remember Christ's death.

The birth of Jesus sets hope and joy into motion. The cross makes it real. Rev  21,3 all things new. No more mourning no more tears. No more pain in Newtown CT.
God is in the midst of our suffering.

In us there are things that need to die. So newness can come in.

Herrod sees the baby as a threat. So he in desperation starts to get rid of all perceived threats. He killed all young children and his sons and wife to maintain his status. He found no peace.

We try to change our circumstances but find nothing has changed. God wants to bring newness into our lives. That's what this season is all about.

Do the hard work and allow the baby to look into your heart and let him change you. Put to death what needs to die.

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