Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dr Curt Thompson Being Known Attachment

Delighting in the Trinity is a recommended book.
God can't help himself but create.

Never too late to change. When you get to 75 God will change you. You will be a blessing for generations.  Make sense of your story. That will create secure attachments. Thank the grocery store clerk for the good job she did yesterday. Life is not about not being messy but how do you deal with life's messes.
When 4 year olds make a picture they make a mess and bring you their treasure.
Jesus said here's news. I'm going away. If he had stayed here we would keep begging him for favours.
Toxic ruptures happen in life. You said ten I heard two. The first 12 months of the infants life is all about joy after joy. Life is about discovering the world. Do we let the 15 month old eat the begonias? How do you do it? STOP or join the fun.

Tolstoy said we are created for joy. Did you have at least 5 minutes of joy this weekend? Babies come into this world looking for someone to need them.

We can't wait until ruptures happen before we figure out how we'll deal with them. Tripod of awareness: Open Observe how does this connect to the now? 10,000 hours of Practice. Know all about the iceberg.  Say sorry to fix ruptures.

2 groups of rats. One gets nothing but all the good stuff. The other group gets all the stress with short good stuff portions. The stressed end up with better brains.

With repair we get better. Ultimate rupture repair happens over time. We need honest friendships.

We have shame attendants that go with us wherever we go. We sense it so easily. Get a 3x5 card and just make a mark every time you sense it. The shame attendant keeps coming back again and again.

For the joy set before us God keeps telling me. I hear it in song and art. What do you picture? God is delighted in your presence.

Let's work on The development of healing communities. Song: Sara Gross. Lay down your arms give up the fight. Love is a mystery a miracle.
We are called to embody miraculous things. We must embody 1 Cor 13. Rethink group therapy to get over the issues. 1 John 1:9 confess, telling the truth of my life. You have the fruit of the Spirit. What if you decided to embody each of the attributes for 1 week each? What would that look like?
The story of Neuro science needs to be told by Christians. Articulate the new paradigm.  What is the Difference between feelings and emotions? What is shame? What are other things we attach to those words? Where do we feel that? Do we feel love right now? The individual is the most important thing in the iWorld. The Bible does not say that.
We have to know our anthropology.

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