Sunday, October 27, 2013

Jake Plett Memorial service

Oct 18, 2013

Memories from:
Eddie and Erna of Port Colborne.

Sam knew grandpa the least. He was too far away. Grandpa loved the Bible. Tara and Sam work with troubled young people.
Is there anything more beautiful than a young couple? Yes! Old love. A couple holding gnarled hands in love. Growing old in love.
Parkinson's is hard. Rom 8:37 we are more than conquerers. Grandpa has not lost the battle. He was victorious through his savior. He did not fight to stay. He fought the good fight and finished the race. He loved singing. What a wonderful change in my life has been brought since Jesus came into my life. He is singing a new song face to face with Christ his savior.
1 Cor 15 death has lost its sting and life is not in vain.

Nico the singer will sing the song grandpa wrote: Help up the fallen Cheer up the sad Avoid all evil and bad. Hold unto Jesus By Him be led

Rachel. Alviera and Marvin's daughter. Grandpa loved unconditionally. Rides he gave to the great grandkids with the walker.

Dale. Leroy's son. Meaningful verse. Grandpa's faith was very important. Many years of mission work. Matth 25 faithful servant enjoy what God has in store for you.
Kim remembers her grandpa fondly

Garner and Betty Reimer. Loved spending time with them.

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