Sunday, December 01, 2013

Advent Waiting for God

Steve says, Easter is what Christmas is all about so let's sing Easter songs today. Jesus Messiah Lord of All!
Humbly to the earth you came. Born into this world to save. Your name is a strong and mighty tower. Nothing has the power to save but your name.

Elton Da Silva
Jesus's parents brought Jesus to the temple. 2 devoted people recognized him as the Messiah. Simeon and Anna had been waiting for the deliverer for a long time. They recognized God had come!

Do we recognize God in our lives? Are we ready to meet God? Do we recognize God at work at Tim Horton's?  I felt down that day, and when I opened the door, someone opened it and said I know who you are. God told me to come here to encourage you! Never met the man before but God worked something miraculous.

A four year old prayed for the man who is very sick. Who? The man who sold us the car. The next day mom went to encourage him.

God is doing amazing things. Are we missing Him because we have lost our passion? We don't expect him. Do we come just because or are we expecting God in church?

Are we hugging God with excitement like people at the airport?

Consolation Redemption are the 2 words of the text. Jesus brings healing comfort restoration.

God wants your life to be an exciting revelation. The glory of the King is about beauty.

Surrender. The story starts with the old law. There is a junction of the old and the new. The 2 old people are surrendering. Their lives are over. The new has come.

When guests come we surrender a room. It's yours for a season.

We need to surrender and say to Jesus this life of mine is now your temple.

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