Sunday, March 02, 2014

Life 2.0

Life 2.0
Born again.
We are born individually into a people group.
When we are born again we are born into the culture of God.
We are and want to identify. We cheer for our team as if we did something to contribute to the team's win.
When the women's team won hockey gold we applauded politely like Canadians do.
John 3
The Pharisee Calls Jesus rabbi teacher - he's ok with that
Jesus takes the Jewish concept of a change of status not essence.
Nicodemus was smart. He's going with the metaphor. How do I,  a mature Jew start all over? Pay attention Jesus said.  You must be born of water and wind spirit. A new beginning. Water? What's that? Debatable.
John's baptism was water and John said someone else will baptize with the Spirit
Cleansing of the Spirit
Physical birth.  We are physically born out of water.
Not baptismal regeneration.
Baptism is cleansing and the spirit represents empowerment. In the old testament Hebrew spirit is always feminine.
New birth is feminine. Desire the pure milk. Female
We serve the Father God who has a mother's heart.
He provides nurturing care to you.
God loves you more than your mom does.
The wind.  You don't know where it's coming from. We should expect the Spirit's work everywhere. God got there before we did.
We rejoice be in touch with God all the time. Call your mom.
Receive the gift of eternal life. I am that loved and forgiven.
March 9 baptism 6:30 at Spring Garden Baptist
DST starts next Sunday

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