Sunday, June 15, 2014

Pray with persistence

Happy Father's Day!
Greg Armstrong
Pray for our families in pain. Annie Koop memorial service 3pm today.
Old grey owls meeting Tuesday 7pm at Klassen's

Police killed in eastern Canada. Their kids are without fathers today.

Shootings in the U.S. - the President of the U.S. says he's frightened for his daughter.

A father's job is a hard. Many are grieving.

Kelly Cochrane
Our Father in heaven
Not all of us have had godly fathers.

Listened to a podcast a few days ago. Jerry told his story of waiting for the subway in NYC. A man came and started calling people in or out.
Jesus has called us in! Hallelujah!

At the Tuesday prayer meeting we have been talking about the Lord's prayer.
The youth have prayer stations. Adoration is one. Focus audaciously and shamelessly. There is no condemnation in Jesus.
The midnight conversations are the most meaningful.

Jesus said this is how you should pray. A model of how to pray:
Father may your name be kept holy,  set aside, number one.
May your kingdom come soon. Totally focused. The kingdom is in us. The kingdom come in my life. Intentional people have more of Jesus now than 30 seconds ago. The already not yet.  When you kiss your wife you are more like Jesus.
Give us the food we need to live out what Jesus has done in us. The desires of our hearts will be like Jesus.
Father give me what I need to do your work. In Jesus name.
Forgive us our sins make me holy to live for you. Make me an agent of your forgiveness.
Don't let me yield to temptations.
Last week during the baptisms we heard people say: watch me now. I have decided to follow Jesus. I want God's kingdom in me.
Lord continue to forgive me.

We would love to pray for you.
Don't quit praying. It's God's desire to give you what you need in your work of expanding the kingdom.

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