Sunday, August 09, 2015

All People's Church

Dr Gingrich's family from Steinbach with special music.
Ladies vocal trio plus 3 instrumental musicians.
Come ye who mourn

† A Perfect Heart †

Morning sun, light of creation,
Grassy fields of velvet flow.
Silver clouds of shimmering curtains,
He's designed a perfect world.

I'm amazed at His talents,
Stand in awe of one so great,
Now my soul begins to sing out,
To the source from which it came.

Bless the Lord, who reigns in beauty.
Bless the Lord, who reigns with wisdom and with power.
Bless the Lord, who arranged my life with so much love,
He can make a perfect heart. (sing three times)........

Pastor Brian
Bible kids camp starts tomorrow Way To Everest
Need a few more volunteers

Lots of kids today

Lord, it's a joy to be in your house this morning. Forgive us for the times we forget to honour you. Rejuvenate our spirits and build us up.
Forgive us for ignoring the needs of others. We pray for those in need today. You know what gives is angst this morning.
We look to our nation and pray that you would be with those who want to enter public service that they may remember they serve you. Help us to see that as Christians we are called to pray for the new government that they may uphold your justice.
We pray for those countries with closed doors that the gospel may change their lives.
We pray for our church to be sensitive to the needs of our community.
We pray that our lives may reflect the joy and blessings of Christ who is our life.
Acts 26. Knowing and living in the will and Word of God.
What's next. What should I do?
What is God's will? His Will will be in line with that.
The Scriptures are our guide.

Personal Guidance
How can I distinguish God's will for me?
Paul got arrested and was offered freedom in exchange for money.

2 years later Paul was
brought out to explain himself to the King.  V19 I did not disobey the vision. King Agrippa, I obeyed this vision from heaven.
God guides us but there is no formula to figure it out. It's a relationship that leads to discernment. It's not a GPS that directs us turn by turn. In all your ways acknowledge God and he will direct your path.
If we're too busy to spend time with God we can't expect Him to guide us.
God's guidance is not restricted to missionaries. He guides business people as well.
No matter what our profession our main purposes to to serve and honour God.

What is a vision? What do we do with it? Paul got his vision from heaven not his own mind.
The first step has to come from a relationship with God. Psalm delight yourself in God and he will give you what you want is not the right interpretation. If we delight in God his desires will delight us. They become God given desires.

Dr Alf Bell told us to write the key events of your life. The Times when you felt you were in God's will.
Spend time in quite meditation of Scriptures.

A vision from heaven will really envelope you. If you can't really do anything else you'll know you are on the right path.
2 Corinthians 2 we serve God no matter what. We own nothing yet we have everything.
The Christian life has nothing to do with building yourself. The man who built more graneries lost.
Concentration on building your own empires is wrong. A vision from God will always serve others.
A vision will be eternal in significance. Last forever. High profile or behind the scenes - it is about eternal significance.
God's visions will have eternal consequences. Nehemiah 2 he did not say anything about his passion. Eventually the King recognized his vision. God's delays are not God's denials. We may not see all the dreams we expect.
Older people will dream dreams and impart them to young people. Look forward. Join the mission of God.
It's about an eternal vision. That will energize you.

Father we thank you that you are alive and lead us in your steps. We pray that we will have no ambition but to serve you.
It will be worth it all when we see Jesus.

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