Sunday, February 14, 2016


Today we talk about gluttony at www.Soul We have a channel dedicated to Food.
Gluttony is to be exceedingly eager to eat to much.

Food is a gift. Festivals of the Old Testament had food at its centre. Jesus was called a glutton.
Wise temperance of the stomach is good.
Luke 12 life is more than food.

Gluttony shows up in 5 ways.
1. Drink. Customized. To the last item.
The Screwtape Letters all I want state of mind.
Life is not perfect. The glutton insists on being pampered. Petty and foolish. Seriously? Harassing the employee. Stop it. It's foolish and petty.
2. Sumptuously. Cookies. Want it all the time. Cry and throw a tantrum. Needing to feel valued. Nobody appreciates me. Eat decadent foods.
3. Hastily. The Arches. How fast you get it. Busy busy busy. Consume. Hash browns. Egg McMuffin. Genesis 25 first story of fast food. Feed me or I'll die. I need the red stuff. You can have my inheritance. Need to eat. Missing God's gift. Food is meant to be shared. Are you addicted to the rush in your life?
4. Chips. Greedily. At the Paradisio Mexican serves unlimited chips. It becomes a bottomless hole and every one digs in in the scarcity mindset. A long line and you take and eat all the chips. 40% of our food gets wasted. Costco and we buy 2 when we only need one
5. Too Much. We want one more. Dessert.

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