Sunday, April 03, 2016

Loving like Jesus

Dr Nabeel Qureshi former Muslim RZIM partner

Jesus People
Jesus put us here for a reason
We keep killing and destroying one another. More than 1/2 the world lives on $3 a day. This makes God sad.

On mom's side the family were passionate missionaries. Dad became a military man. He was taught that Islam was a religion of peace. Could recite the Koran in Arabic by the age of 5.

9/11 changed the world and Muslims had to try to restore the rhetoric.
They hijacked Islam when they hijacked the planes.

How is God the 3 in one?
He met Christians that had no answers. He started researching the Koran. There are lots of peaceful verses. But there are lots slay the infidel verses. What is the truth about Mohammed? You are followers of him. Mohammed was very violent. Let's look at the original source. Mohammed was peaceful and got more violent as he grew older. 86 violent battles before he died. He said to slay the infidels so Islam will prevail over every religion. The only guarantee of going to heaven is to die in Jihad.

The Bibles is not corrupted. The arguments Muslims use to deny its accuracy much more apply to the Koran.

70% of converted Muslims had visions and dreams that brings them to Christ.

Conversion is hard. You destroy the family and their their reputation under the bus. To convert you have to mourn.

They do not use the Koran for comfort. Liturgical use only. Opened the Bible for comfort. Matthew 5 blessed are those who mourn. God will bless those who are trash.

Matthew 10 confess me before others. Give up my family? My life. He who does not pick up the cross. ...
The gospel is a call to die. The light in my mom's eyes went out the day is I confessed Jesus. God why didn't you kill me the moment I became a Christian? This is not about you. I cried for a long time.

I walked out and the world had changed. I saw people for whom Jesus died. The God of the universe born to 2 children. Flogged to ribbons.  Excruciating pain in death. Cross pain. God loves you enough to die for you that way.

As I have loved you so love one another.

Are you going to help reach the world? Equip us to LOVE them. The Muslims are coming here for conversion.

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