Sunday, June 05, 2016


Pastor Mark
We were created to worship. The Jews worshipped God and he gave them the victory.
Jesus said that the rocks would cry out.
Sacrifice of praise. What should praise look like?
The Psalms are all whiney. 150 praise him. Let every one praise the Lord. Worship with whatever you have. Croaking cove voice and all.
Colonization brought the gospel but also western culture. A pipe organ in a church in India.
In Nepal each people group had their own style of music. They need to have their songs.
The shamans danced to the Lord and called on Mark to dance with them.
All the members of that church had been Christians for less than 5 years. They came to church early and started to praise the Lord.
Why was it that the choir defeated the enemy? They praised and God came near.
If you have D words in your life start praising. Ps 104.1.3

Step out of your aisle and start praising.

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