Friday, October 20, 2017

Notes from Renee

The Bards Of Now

Our Directors

Mark is our brave and fearless leader. He is ALWAYS on time for practices and he NEVER forgets. He was the toughest meanest and smelliest giant around. But for all his meanness, Mark does have a soft side. He never once complained when hit by a bomb squeaky toy, even when it was a headshot.

On a more serious note though, we as a drama team really appreciated all the effort you put in, especially for our Aliens production. We'd also like to encourage him to keep up the good leadership job for next year. We couldn't have come this far without you. You stretched us to do our best and forced us out of our comfort zone. Though we may not have appreciated it at the time, we are better actors and better people because of it. Thank you.

Julie is not afraid of the dark, or of the kid faced bug eating Frankenstein monsters hiding under the bed just waiting so they can come out and EAT YOU! She too was always at every practice and never let a little thing like an ambulance call get in the way of her commitment to the team. Even though she is only 6 years old we think she did a great job.

It probably wasn't easy trying to direct us and get stuff done when we just wanted to Goof Off. You were a good motivator though and even when we weren't focused you still were. Thank you for all your hard work and your belief in us that we could do this.

From Renee's drama notebook. 2000-2001

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