Saturday, November 11, 2017

Uncle Edward Friesen age 97

Kelly Friesen Loved his grandpa.
He was charismatic. Loved Jesus. Sang a lot. Witnessed. 
Loved to play with grandkids. Hugs. Had a big tractor sized garden. Had lots of potatoes. 
Great grandpa lived with them. He made spinners.
Harold Berg was so tall he did not fit in the bed. Worked at NDL. Imperial Metal provided lots of buildings up north. 
He put the sheets on the 8/12 roof by himself when he was 80.
We went to old dumps to scrounge for treasures. 
Built Bethal Bible Camp. 
He butchered his own meat. 
He loved snowmobiling in SandiLands
I am very much like grandpa. Sing for Jesus anytime.
I made a clamp for him to help him make coat hangers. 

This is Hard
Ruth's daughters from Alberta. 
Grandpa was unorthodox.
He built stuff stuff and wired without turning the power off. Sparks were flying.
His driving was legendary. He had childlike traffic tickets. 
He was 97. Always liked to test food and poison. Paint ball tasting. 

Ralph Unger
Passing the torch. God has no grandchildren. In his last weeks he could not communicate. Pray for God to take him home. 
He talked about Jesus all the time. 
How is faith transferred? Timothy got it from his mother's side. 2 Tim 
4 points
1. Bless the child. Grace mercy and peace to you. Grandma did not hold bad stuff against the grandkids
2. Praying for the child. Thank God remember them in prayer. Tearful partings. We want to see him again. 
3. Encourage the child. Fan the flame. Power comes from God. Your dad was committed to God.
He was a good husband for 77 years and a good father.

The Torch has been passed. Let's run with it. 

Sing How Great Thou Art

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