Sunday, August 28, 2022

All your wildest dreams will come true

The game of LIFE
To win the game you need to have the most money
Pastor John Neufeld 
Say hello to someone
Proverbs by Solomon. Is he a model or a cautionary tale?
Why don't the kids follow the parent's dreams? Their values are not our values. 
The king must not take many wives. He needs to make a copy of law and follow it all his life. 
He had more than 3 kids. Rehoboam did not follow Solomon. 
1. What are you teaching?
2. What are you modeling?
3,000 teens were interviewed twice and their parents by Smith and Denton 
Moralistic therapeutic deism (MTD) is a term that was first introduced in the 2005 book Soul Searching: The Religious and Spiritual Lives of American Teenagers by the sociologist Christian Smith[1] with Melinda Lundquist Denton.[2] The term is used to describe what they consider to be the common beliefs among U.S. youths.[3][4][5] The book is the result of the research project the National Study of Youth and Religion.[6]

1. God exists
2. God is not active in the world
3. God wants us to be nice
4. The goal in life is to be happy
5. Good people go to heaven

What does the Bible teach? 
9 priorities
1. Fear God
2. Honour God 
3. Discipline
4. Appreciate correction 
5. Pursue a godly wife
6. Learn self control
7. Tell the truth
8. Work hard
9. Show mercy to the poor

How we worship is a primary parenting responsibility. 
Men are not singing in church and the kids quit singing
What's more important to you. The kids will follow the example. 

Did you appreciate discipline? Disciple with care and love. I always got spanked 3 slaps and then we talked. Dad had boundaries. 

Godly wife is a crown. Did Solomon have many crowns or many rotten bones?
Find a follower of Jesus. 
Consider your choice. 

He who Lacks of Self control is like a city with the walls broken down. 

Tell the truth. David repented deeply and God restored him. Don't hide your brokenness. Joseph's descendents became slaves in Isreal. 

Proverbs is Wisdom and counsel. Not promises

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