Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day in California

Memorial day
5/29/07 Star wars- slow to get here. Saw the helmet display, spent some time in the fan room and bought a few things.

At 3 o'clock we went to Hollywood. Kara was anxious to see the Kodak theatre. Not quite what she expected. Bought some stuff. Had a bite to eat and went back to watch the History Channel's coverage of the phenomena of the Universe of Star Wars. What a story!

You never outgrow the need for a mentor.

Try not. Do. Or do not.

Padme Amadalla embodies love. Her daughter Lea blossoms to become stronger.

"I love you." "I know." The most romantic line in all literature.

Evil exists. Darth Vader radiates the glamour of evil. Unstoppable. Anakin was gripped by anger and power and that ultimately destroyed him. Impatient. Spoiled teenager. Listens to the wrong mentor just ike Eve in the garden of Eden. Sells his Soul to the devil as in Paradise Lost. Lucifer's pride way is his downfall. Anakin ends up in hell. So much symbolism. He lost his humanity. He paid the price.

We need to watch Star Wars when we get home.

Tomorrow we go to Disney's California Adventure. Wednesday to Universal and Hollywood and Thursday to Knott's Berry farm and the beaches. A bit of shoping on Friday and home by 9 pm

Back to work next week.

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