Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sitting in Line

I'm blogging from my PDA
Karalee and I are sitting in line waiting for Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) to come back from her break. We've been in the line since 12:10 and we'd like to go to the next stage show at 2:30
It does not look like that will happen.

Martha called from Peter & Trudy's cabin. She's out camping on Hecla with the Reimer family this weekend.

Justin went to Lonnie's place so he wouldn't be home alone. He still has a very serious case of the flu he's been battling for 3 weeks.

Renee now has a job at Value Village. Not her first choice but something to keep busy.

Alayna is going to start painting houses soon. She wants to earn her own way thru university. Very independent of her parents. Enslaved by her boyfriend. Pray for her.

Karalee is trying to decide what to do next year. She'd like to go to university to study film production. Her parents would like that to be in a Christian environment. Pray for her.

Business is more than busy and often requires more wisdom than I have.

We did eventually get that wonderful signature after a 3 hr wait. Then it was time to go to a costume making work shop and from there to a play "star wars in 30 minutes" after a 1-1/2 hr wait.

After that it was time to line up for "a conversation with Carrie Fisher". Another 1 hr wait for 1 hr show.

All in all - not a bad day -

What is the moral of the story of Star Wars?

Anikin Skywalker is born of a virgin and has more ''Life" in him than anyone else. He is looked up to as the Promised One.

He thinks he knows more the his teachers. He wants to be recognized as a Jedi (leader) before he is ready. He has nightmares about his wife Padme dying in childbirth. When he starts to listen to the Dark Side he is convinced he can save his wife, if only he turns to the dark side. When he does, he loses everything and becomes the evil Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith. In the end his son Luke demonstrates real love and he turns away from the Dark Side just before he dies.

In short- listen to those who love you and you will avoid the dark side of life.

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