Sunday, January 06, 2008


Pastor Keith Boyd (Dianne)

Sometimes we do all the wrong things. 4o% of youth are afraid of Christians.

Too often we major in the minors and minor in the majors.

Evangalasticity -When a more mature Christian yields his rights and freedoms on cultural issues in order to preserve unity and uphold God's glory in the world.

Learn to show the love of God. Matth 17v Rom 14 Acts15:17-21 James asks that some cultural issues be upheld. Sacrificed meat. Kosher meat. blood. Because you want to represent Christ to the Jews - stay away from offensive things. Pagans were all immoral. Only the Jews had a pure God and were called to purity. Elders had to have but one wife, to avoid pollution.
Why this purity? These people have been hearing Moses for 15 centuries.

the Galatians could have ignored that.

If people are offended when you drink a Margarita w your Mexican food, go to somewhere where people are not offended.

Matth 17 - Do I have to pay the cultural tax? As a son of the king. Is it my responsibility to pay the custodial tax? No. Does Prince Charles pay for the upkeep of the castle? No. The subjects do. But to prevent them from taking offense, go to my lake, to catch my fish, to get my coin in the lake I made in the universe I made and pay this tax.

Corinthian church has a bunch of questions. Paul says that food sacrificed to nothing is nothing. Eat whatever you want. Let love be your guide.

There is one name by which we must be saved and that is Jesus.

Let us not come across as dogmatic judgemental self- righteous.

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