Sunday, January 27, 2008

Has God chosen the poor?

George Klassen at Eastview
Each one of us is on a journey. Following the script of our lives. George the earth worker- become pastor of NKMB church but now looking for other options. Taking an extended Sabath with Jesus. Now praying for 2 hours weekly as a group ''Hope Winnipeg" Now director of SOUM school of urban ministry. Working with the poor.
God has chosen the Poor. Abel was the chosen one. the Jesus effect- he was sent for all of us. But he came for the poor. The oppressed. Favoritesim shows up in all families. Equal treatment is not possible. Fairness and justice
Jim Wallace. Found that if this cut out the Bible's emphasis on the poor there was not much left.
Poor in spirit. All have sinned. All broken.
We are quick to do a prayer walk in the slum. What about the burbs?
The poor in Luke are seen as the materially poor. We pass judgment on appearance. I have been part the problem. In the mid 9o's Larry decided to dress shabby and dirty to d go to church. When the pastor hugged him he knew he had found his church.
''your will be done" here on earth now. The Kingdom is among us. Now.
Inner city - the biggest problem is the loss of hope. How will we get hope?
What does it mean- those who have much dont have too much, those who have little don't have too little. Look at our budgets. How much is directed to the poor?
I have a dream- one day there will be food for everyone. Church united. Walls down. Burb churches helping the poor. Partners. Coming alongside the poor.

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