Wednesday, October 15, 2008

RI Narringasett, MA Hyannis

From NJ we headed out to RI and visited 3 of 4 locations Renee's FaceBook shows as places she has been to. I wish I knew exactly where she was. On the beach at Narringasett, they are building a memorial circle, and anyone can place engraved bricks into the circle. What should this one say?
Renee Dueck
YWAM Tour 05
That might work. Max 2 lines 11 characters per line.

Today we retraced more of Renee's trip, and had lunch in Hyannis, Mass, and stopped in Plymouth and Boston. Click here for more pics.
We went to Acapulcos Mexican restaurant with Robert, Maria, & Patrick. So good to see them again. They went to the SCIDS conference in Wintergreen Virginia. Twas a good experience for them. I showed them how to start blogging. should find them.

Tomorrow we'd like to get to Halifax. kinda tired of moving in and out of hotels every day. The Sheraton we are in charges extra for internet in the room, so I'm sitting in the lobby because it's free here!

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