Sunday, January 16, 2011

Going the Distance
Steve Dick Songs: How Great is Our God
Then sings my soul my Saviour God to You, how great You are!
Your Name is a strong and mighty tower. Jesus in your Name we pray come and fill our hearts today.
Ps 86 I called, you answered. Teach me, I'll praise you.
Our God: Water you turned into wine there is none like you.

Pastor Dave Ens:
Aesop's The tortoise and the hare. Which one would you bet on? 0.4 km vs. 70 km/h
We like fast powerful events. We love the big events at the MTS centre. But life is lived every day.
Jesus' first act after the resurrection was to make breakfast. God is there in the everdayness of our lives.
3 years ago Dave ran the 1/2 marathon and as he prepared for it he started getting excited. Then he started running. The PAIN. Where had all the air gone? That illustrates the disparity between the magazine and real life.
The Christian life is like that.
Over the next 3 weeks we will be going through the book of Mark looking at the evaydayness of life and see how Jesus walked through life. Mark has Jesus moving quickly through life.
The whole city of Capernaum was at the house where Jesus was doing what Jesus does. ''In the morning while it was still dark" Jesus spends time alone with God. He has these spiritual habits in order to be who God wants him to be. Do we have those habits?
Do we think God wants us to run the marathon of life without training? Or does God want us to develop the habit of spending time with Him in preparation for the marathon of Life with Him now?
Give God the space to develop you. Work alongside him. In line with his desire.
Heart (will)
mind knows what we should do
soul knows what God wants. Personality
Body does what it wants. We get angry when we don't get our way. Fasting is a way of getting the body under control.
When you couple fasting with time with God you will change.
Silence is a good habit. Learn to listen to God, wife, friend.
Disciplines (habits) are developed over time (17?)
We will have Spiritual Disciplines messages for the next 3 weeks. Bring a lunch next week so we can discuss this further.

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