Sunday, January 30, 2011

The King's Speech

What a Bloody Good film! If you have not seen it yet, RUN don't walk to the nearest cinama. Certainly the best film I've seen in years!

Now l understand why my parents loved King George so much.

Yesterday we watched Maid in Manhattan. Very funny and good entertainment. Tomoko watched it when it was in the cinama. She had a hard time understanding the humour back then.

I took the fan off the furnace, soaked it in motor oil, and now it seems to work. I called 1/2 dozen Lennox dealers, but no one would sell me a fan. One of them offered to install one for $550. There was no way he'd sell me one. I can buy one in Chicago for $147.00 and it takes about five minutes to replace. Guess I'll need to see what I can find tomorrow.

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