Sunday, March 20, 2011

McGregor Baptist Welcomes Dr Gary Frazier - End Times

This is the church Irv & Lil attend when they are in FL. We went for lunch with them after church.
Dr Gary Frazier is an adjunct Professor of LaHaye Prophecy school at Liberty University
Baptism. Meghan. Jeff.
Song: Since Jesus Came into my heart.
Dr Richard Powell is suffering for Christ on the high seas.
Dr Frazier does Left Behind Conferences and Discovery Worldwide Tours.
Song: One day Jesus Came. Living he loved me. One day he's coming Oh glorious day.
Join Dr Powell on a trip to the Holy Land in May or Greece in September.
Big discordant choir. No idea what they sang.

Ezekiel 38 is about Israel, Iran, and Islam Terrorism
I have lots of Arab friends. I don't hate Muslims
We need to have righteous indignation against anyone who denies Jesus is the Saviour.
The Living Word the Bible.
NIV reading of the whole chapter Ezekiel 38 BT = Bible Truth not WF Warm Fuzzy Joel O
Ez 39:9 They will use military arms for heat.
Gog Magog what is it? Diligence in research is required. It deals with an event in the near horizon. Why what where when
1. What? War not Armageddon. Jesus fights Armageddon with a word from the King of Kings.
Rev 20 war is another one.
2. Where? Israel. May 14, 48 was the birth of Israel. Islamic Russia and her allies will attack Israel.
3. Who? Gog = ruler. Magog= Persia according to Genesis 10. Table of nations. Heroditus identified Russia as Magog. The Great wall of China is called magog to keep Russia out. The Israel Defense Force is the 2nd best military force in the world. v5 Persia = Iran. Russia is making deals with the Islamic world and recently signed a military deal with Iran. Cush= Sudan Libya Turkey Russia are all in the same military pact. "Israel's Time" book is erroneous. Ezekiel's prophecies are falling into place.
4. Why? That they will know the Lord.
5. When? Near future. Right after the Rapture. It's on our doorstep. The Satanic Religion of Islam is going to take over the world. Every religion that does not acknowledge Christ is Satanic. 1 in 5 people in the world are Islamic. It has always been a religion of violence. They languished for several hundred years until 9/11 when we discovered Islam is not Loving, Forgiving, Tolerant.
There is no Love in Islam. Sharia law cuts off the hand of a thief. It should never apply here in the USA. American Muslim mosques have doubled since 9/11. Contrary to what Obama said, there were no Muslims involved in the founding of America.
In the eyes of a Muslim, you are either a Muslim or an infidel. If you are an infidel you deserve to die. There are 120 million Islamic terrorists that are determined to kill you.
The Twelvers. The 12th descendant of Mohammed is expected to return to establish a world wide Muslim government. They will use the A bomb. The 9/11 men were deeply religious.
Jihad = bombings terrorism that's what they do.
Population Domination. We are not reproducing enough. Come on, Christian young people, it's time to get married and have a lot of children if you want our society to survive. The Muslim birth rate it 4x our rate. By 2025 1/3 of all babies born in Europe will be Muslim. They train their kids to slit Jewish throats at age 5. They train them to become suicide bombers.
Yemen has 47% of the population under 15
65% Egyptians are under 30. 75% of them want Sharia law because they don't know how terrible it is.

What are we to do? Make sure we are right with God.
God knows the future. Do you know who holds your future? If you are what you were you ain't.
Something happens when Jesus comes into your life. Be the salt that exposes evil. Stop being afraid of the consequences. Most people do NOT go to heaven. That's a Satanic lie.
Live your life in such a way that the preacher doesn't have to lie at your funeral.
The Truth is the Truth. If Jesus has touched you today, make that commitment to him today. Come talk to the pastoral staff now

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