Sunday, March 13, 2011

No Longer a Victim

1st Presbyterian Church Bonita Springs FL
Pastor Doug Pratt

This is the church Herb & Erna attend while in FL

Changes in course come to us from time to time.
Paul was arrested and sent to trial in front of Caesar for treason of not worshipping Caesar. Paul might have considered himself a victim. Phil 1:12-18 Paul says his imprisonment has advanced the gospel. He decided to cheer on all preachers.

We can't choose what happens, but we can choose how we respond to what happens.

''Unbroken" is a new bestseller book about a B24 bomber pilot. Louise Zamborini had an iron will. Tortured by the Japanese, he controlled how he responded.
The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People: 1. Be Proactive. Not re-active. Not a victim. We don't have to go there. The Bible offers us profound hope. 1. The past does not hold us because Jesus died for us. He made all things new. 2. Christ himself lives in us and guides and empowers as.
We can choose our language. I can choose. I can control my feelings. I will.
This is not just positive thinking. It is Christ's thinking.
Communion becomes part of us. Christ becomes part of us. We are not alone. We can open up to the power of Christ so he can fill us and live in us.
Jesus Christ invites you to a banquet in His honour. He paid the price. If you are a Christian we welcome you to share in this meal. Jesus says: "Take and eat. This is my body broken for you."

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