Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Peking Acrobats

With WSO
The Lion Dance a terrific light hearted intro to the show followed by impossible contortions of the Glass Dance. Transition by a clown to the Hat Dance
Fabulous acts that can't be described. During the Rope Act One of the acro fell headfirst almost all the way to the floor. Lots of ooohs!
Ring dance lots of muscle and skill while jumping through a turning hoop.
Fabalous flower pot and tables dance where 3 girls twirl objects with their feet. They do things that can't be done.
7 plate twirling maidens twirling 6 plates each while doing impossible acrobatics.
The chair tower builder built a 24 ft stack of chairs on top of 4 bottles and then performed acrobatics on the top of the pile.
10 Chinese on one bicycle!
17 acrobats in all plus 4 musicians

All in all a good show. But not as good as the one we saw in Shanghai.

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