Sunday, May 01, 2011

SOAR Mission Sunday
Combined with other churches Eastview youth spent Spring Break working in the inner city of Winnipeg. They did DVBS, house and school cleaning. They got /became worn out refreshed awkward Comfortable Judgmental understand unsure bold focussed impatient patient lazy disciplined confused clarified Confident Know-it-all understanding naive aware
Kathy grew up Catholic. She joined SOAR to hear God. She took a workshop where she learned 1 Cor 3 Paul & Appollos were both workers with God.

God used learners to teach others. Now more dedicated and reading the Bible cover to cover
Adam - SOAR leader. Very unsure to start. As a YWAM grad, was anxious to be involved in missions. 4 hrs of sleep was hard but worth it. Now have more compassion. People 1st Now going to Thailand with MBMSI for the summer.

This has been a wonderful missions trip to own own city. There is a lot of sadness in our own mission field. We are all on a missions trip for the rest of our lives.
SOAR is an orientation for life. Where are you going to join up with God? Is your life going to be a life of missions? Where are you going to serve God? Where is God calling you? Corey Bell.

I will follow. Where you go I'll go I will follow you.
If this life I lose I will follow you.

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