Sunday, May 06, 2012

Nailing Fear: Failure

Nailing the Fear of Failure
Pastor Delbert Enns
Do you have failure written on your face?
Do I deserve this? Why did my kids not be turn out perfect?

Jesus is able to change things
The only man who makes no mistakes never does anything. -Rooseveld.
We are all losers.
Albert Einstein was kicked out of school. It took 10,000 tries to invent the light bulb.
We are often considered failures. God uses the shame link to do things. David a man after God's own heart committed adultery and murder. Peter denied Jesus 3 times.
How does Jesus embrace failure? The godly fall 7 times and get up. The wicked fail and give up.
Resurrection morning - go tell the disciples including Peter. Failure and self dislike go together.
Peter was specifically included in the invitation. Jesus did not write him off. Peter went fishing to hide. Delbert stole a sandwich in Gr 3 and felt guilty for 3 months.
How does Jesus deal with failure? He confronted Peter.
Jesus made breakfast and publically asked Peter- do you love me? Me? 3X
Jesus' love re-instates us. Failure reveals our need for God. Forgiveness. Jesus is walking to you this morning.
God loves us. God gave us His Holy Spirit.

After the service I was told that this message was specifically meant for me.

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