Sunday, April 22, 2012

SOAR Sunday

Welcome to SOAR Sunday
Sponsored by MB Missions. Student outreach to the inner city over spring break

Worship service at church
God of this city the King of these people the Lord of this nation you are.  Greater things are yet
to come.
There is no one like our God.
Blessed be your name

SOAR report:
22 kids received Christ as Savior
Some worked at Siloam mission where they prepared food and served it. Others worked at 188 Princess. Cleaning up. Hope is desiring to see something better.
Love. Jeanette ~ Inner city Chad greeted the teens. He had lost his wife in January. He relapsed into drugs. He asked lots of questions. Never saw him again. Hopefully he is alright. Studied Scripture to be able to answer his questions. It was good to share the gospel.

Others worked at Keenleyside with kids that are wonderful. 22 kids accepted Christ.
(how many of those become disciples?)

Corey Bell- youth leader. Put your sticky notes in the basket. What does God's love mean to you?

God loves us even if we don't feel it.

The cross is the evidence of God's love.  Everyone was asked to write on a sticky note what God's love meant to them.  The notes were collected and stuck on a large board at the front of the church to form a valentine.

Ask questions. Learn more about God. What does Jesus' love mean? How am I translatirg God's love to the people I meet?

God's love changes people. I have to understand it.

This church has a group of wonderful young people that love Jesus

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