Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Funeral for Ray Hobin

I got to know Ray early in the lumberyard days (1972?). He called on us way out in the country in the days when my office was a room in the chicken barn. I bet he sometimes wondered what he was doing there. I'm sure he held his nose when he came into the yard and his eyes would have watered up with the strong odor in the office. I wonder what he said to Margaret about the smell he brought home with him. He never let on that that it bothered him. He was always the consummate professional informational salesman. His advice helped us to grow our lumber and construction business.

Within the last 2 years he hoped that I would help him bring his knee saver invention into the market. That did not work for me at the time. I'm glad he found someone else that could do it.

One week ago he told our pastor: I've done what is needed and I'm ready to face Jesus. Margaret, his wife of 56 years said there was not a mean streak in him.
Does Jesus care? I know my Savior cares.

Born in Ontario during the depression and he joked he was still depressed. Bought the McLoed store in Gimli. Soft spoken.
Inventor of the knee saver plumber's table.

Lived with cancer for 8 years. He was not afraid to die. Loving husband and father we will miss him.

He inspired his family. He advised believe trust love. He was a wonderful grandfather. He bore his pain and suffering so eloquently.

Death is nothing. I have just slipped into the other room.

He taught me to respect myself and women. That goes together. Grand kids say you rock papa.

2nd son; His wise words would fill a up a room. He was my hero. He was happy to have grand children. He always understood. I have always wanted to fit into his shoes. Dad said - my shoes are old. Your shoes fit you. My children have shoes of their own to walk their own path. That's the gift my father gave me.

The family sat with Ray when he passed away. Isa 43 do not fear I have redeemed you.
We seek God's wisdom and comfort. Love and care are so important.

He, a Scotsman, married a Mennonite - he was a faithful loving husband.
He was a very forgiving father. He was a son of the living God. He was who he was because he was a child of God.

There's peace when I can say I will rise when He calls my name.

Internment in Gimli.

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