Sunday, April 01, 2012

A Magnificent Defeat: Mirror

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Dave Ens:
Today is Palm Sunday. Please stop to read the story again.
Today is April fools day - it's trick day. We think we are masters of deceit. We deceive ourselves.
The other day I was trying to a be good father and put on a good front. But my mind was elsewhere. Finally Nicole said: if you are not here why don't you go elsewhere?
We stand in front of the mirror and we blame what we see on the lights or other things. We try to deceive ourselves. Palm Sunday is like that. We expect Jesus to fix all our problems. "You really need Jesus" we say to others.
We need to stand in front of the mirror Isaiah 53:6 Jesus was despised and stricken with our iniquities.
These words define what's going on. Our sins crushed him. All our sins were piled on him. Am I that bad? Why did it have to happen? Such a cruel death.
Look in the mirror: we see SIN - denying it perpetuates it. Jesus died for what I did? He died for the source of what I do. The heart is evil.
SHAME - it cloaks us. Not easily removed. God created us in His image - male & female. They were naked and not ashamed. We break, corrupt what God has made. When they sinned they tried to cover their nakedness.
The Romans conquered the world by threatening crucifixion to all opponents. So opponents surrendered quickly.
Shame sits on us. Jesus takes our shame to renew the image of God in our lives. He took it defiantly and conquered the shame.
If we let our culture define our values we can't win. Only one has created us. Why don't we let him define us. While we were still sinners Christ died for us. To set us free.
You have a choice. You can stand in front of the mirror trying to define yourself. Or you can let your Creator define you.

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