Sunday, April 15, 2012


Song: It is well with my soul (a maritime disaster song appropriate to sing on the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic)

Easter Sunday was amazing
Now it's your turn - go be disciples. I will will be with you to the end.

Did you let go of something for Lent? Coffee? To embrace something new?

We always want to be in control.

When we look in the mirror we see our sin and shame. Let go of it. When you put a seed into the ground it has to die before it can grow. Each plant has a beginning. Am I growing? Am I pruning the branches God wants me to prune?
Are we building for security? Status? Comfort?
Jesus' teaching entrances me.
Jesus went ahead of us. He gave us the gift of peace. Do not be troubled or afraid. No matter what comes our way.
When we tried to close on the building 188 Princess St. we had to wait for all the fine print before we could close. What ls Jesus' fine print? Unsatisfied expectations are not part of His promises. Conflict, Joyless life are not part of the deal. Joy is for those who have confessed their sin and have forgiveness.
Where are you God? Loneliness - Frodo has to carry the ring alone. But there is joy along the way.
God will comfort the lonely and abused.
God - do whatever you have to to.
The bonsai tree needs to be watered every week so it continues to grow. We are shaped by the circumstances around us.

Thank you God for not leaving us for transforming us.

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