Saturday, June 16, 2012

Avery Renee's Parent Dedication

At Southlands Church in Steinbach

Pastor Ray
Big new auditorium tours next weekend
$18,000,000 later

Mrs Gerbrandt died Thursday. She had  2 small children. Pray for the family.

Faith and Extraordinary Works
Luke 4:5-6 Satan has authority. He offered to give that to Jesus the Lord of Lords and King of Kings.
The devil did not want Jesus to die a sacrificial death. Jesus beat Satan and gave authority back to the church. We are expected to now do extraordinary
 works. The church is anemic and keeps ignoring God.
A. We don't accept his grace
By grace we have been saved- a gift of God. We have not earned salvation.
Grace is not God's unmerited favour. If you have a bad employee and give them free tickets for a trip -these tickets come unmerited.
Grace is power to destroy death. 2 Tim 1:8-10 God has that power. Christ has that power and he lives in us. That power is in us now. John1:16 we have all received grace upon grace. The same power that raised Christ is now in us. That's amazing. not just a little bit of power. Moses needed 10 plagues to free the Israelites. With mighty grace power he delivered you from the clutches Of the enemy. Not cheap grace. But the power of God living in you.
Rom 6:14 not just a forgiven sinner. He set you free. No longer cheating and lying. Set free.
his divine Power has given us everything we need. Don't receive God's grace in vain. We must practice accessing God's grace.
Suppose I'm a prisoner and tell the next inmate that I can set him free from his grey cell. Why would he believe it?
16% of Americans are of any faith. 16% of churches are growing. They are fire in your belly churches. the big soft floppy middle church is imploding
B. We don't grow our faith.
God does not respond to our needs but to our faith.
Canaanite woman kept begging Jesus but he did not reply. She did not give up. She said she deserves crumbs. Jesus said great is your faith.
Faith deeply believes God will do what he says.
Rom 4:20 says Abraham did not waver in his faith he reasoned God would raise Isaac.
God wants us to exercise faith

Suffering is not getting your prayers answered.
Don't wilt. Pray harder. Believe deeply. Take the enemy by storm. Every Tuesday is Prayer Summit.
God is waiting for us. Could it be that our faith will grow stronger than the early church?

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