Sunday, June 17, 2012

Nephew Chad Preaches

at Morrow Gospel Church

on Marathon Sunday
Youth Group led service (Camp Songs)

Chad Reimer, nephew, YWAM, Beaver Creek Bible Camp 2012 program director volunteer.

The Joy of the Father

First time preaching for a while. Likes preaching while praying.
God takes us as we are and transforms us

Father's Day is quite a day. Have been in places where father cant be found. My dad and my brother in law are modelling fatherhood.

The Prodigal Son Story - the younger son transformed.
Luke 15:11 the younger son comes to his father wishing him dead asking for his share of the estate.

God knows how to win us back. The younger son thought he had all the best the world had to offer until he ended up starving in the pig pen till he decides to go back to his father, the one he rejected for forgiveness.

Chad worked at a pill factory and a machine quit working and he was conflicted about telling the boss or acting like nothing happened. It was hard. He told the boss and all was good.

The younger son eventually made the right decision. He went to his father and gave up control of his own life.

I need to surrender my life to Jesus. Give Him control.

The older Son is bitter and unforgiving and the father extends forgiveness to him. He is full of legalism. Out of touch with his father's heart he thought he still needed to slave in the fields. "Everything I have is yours"

Challenge today:
Go and find the lost. Minister to the lonely and lost people.
At age 14 at Beaver Creek Bible Camp - I remember the pew, the terror, and overwhelming peace of the joy of my Salvation.

There are many people out there looking for father love and there are many self-righteous people that need the gospel.

Thank you pastor Ralph for your encouragement

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