Sunday, July 22, 2012

Living Out Front: Purpose

If I do what's right will things be better for me?
Acts the story of Saul (Paul)
Did it go well for Paul? He got beaten and jailed. They sang praise songs to God. Then there was an earthquake and all doors were open. The jailer and his family became Christians. Because they were faithful this family was saved for eternity.

Bless the Lord O my soul Worship His Holy Name Sing like never before O my soul worship his holy name

Elton DaSilva: Living Out Front: Purpose - living on the front porch.
Too often we live in the fenced back yard. Have you ever felt like a pinball? Being bounced from place to place with light and noise.

When you take God out of the Big Bang picture life has no purpose. Put God into creation and there is purpose.
When we fail to read the instructions of the manufacturer we end up with holes in the wrong places. God has created us- his workmanship created for a person. A door knob is the key to opening doors. Be a doorknob. God who do you want me to connect to? to do the things God planned for you. When I lived in Brazil I wanted to be President of Brazil.
2. We need intentionality we think that if it feels good it must be from God. Even though things get tough keep going on the road God has called you to. intentionality Paul was called to go forward. Some of us are looking to much to our behinds or even worse to others' behinds. We need to look ahead to what God wants us to do and do it. When Paul was preaching this young lady kept saying here are servants of God. Paul got tired of her distraction from the message. He kicked out the evil spirit and he got arrested.

Goliath was insulting the God of Israel. When David asked about it his brother said why are you sticking your nose into this?
What is distracting you from the cause God called you to? Connect to the manufacturer and follow the cause He has called you to.

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