Monday, October 29, 2012

John Peters Funeral

McIvor MB Church
Gerald Hildebrand Pastor
John finished the race and has entered into glory. Today he is in God's presence.
We are here to celebrate John's life. We praise God for the hope he gives us.
John spoke via recording. Psalm 23 God prepared a banquet for him.
Musical slideshow tribute. He was always smiling except in the picture after Amanda died.
His oldest son Jim (spitting image of John) read the eulogy.
John was a teacher at Black Forest Academy with Janz Team Ministries.
He was meticulous in everything. He had a big voice he passed on to his boys. He was always healthy.
He loved art and did a lot of painting. He had a vision for a new painting that he can work on now.
Song: How Great Thou Art Great is the Lord led by Jack Stenekes.
Phil Peters: dad would always say we're thankful. He knew the Lord. Rejoice always Paul wrote when he was in prison.
John Dyck: John was my friend mentor and boss at Janz Team. We will not forget John his wide smile and booming voice. Apostle Paul said he was not worthy to be an apostle. John had a real love for Jesus. Met him at a children's rally where he was leading 600 children in praise.
John challenged many people into ministry. John labored more than others.
He established churches and schools. He was a busy man working for the Lord.
Donations may be made to Teach Beyond.
Doreen and family, this is a time of grieving. Be comforted by God. Live for God and it will not be in vain.
Sing: the love of God is greater far than all the world.
Prayer sovereign God we give you thanks. We will share in your resurrection life. Do not let grief overwhelm us or turn us against you.

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