Sunday, June 02, 2013

Celebration Sunday
Celebrate children advancing to the next level in our church's children's ministry. 40 hours a year. Parents have 4,000 hours a year to teach their children. God placed them into the home for a reason.

Thomas means twin and we pray that he will grow up to be a twin with Jesus.
Ember means to glow.
Olyvia olive tree peace don't worry about anything
Blessed and beautiful
Dylan Andrew off the sea the strong one. Gavin white-hawk you will battle through the struggles of life. Jesus is the son of God.
We pray that they will each feel the certainty of God's presence.
Nathan is in grade 4. What did I learn? Genesis to chronicles. We can trust God no matter what.
Nicole and Jenna take care of the 2 year olds.

Cassie. I can always turn to God no matter what.
Jenna is one of the teachers of the 3 year olds. It's so worth it to teach these kids. They all have a special future. They were a lot of trouble but so fun.

Brad. I learned that I'm human and that's ok. God invites me back.
Kids Moving from Kids Cove to 56 Degrees. They get a Bible as a gift. Don't let dust collect on them. Your parents have written a message into your Bible just for you.

Mr Kroeker. Experienced lack of energy diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Felt God's nearness through it all. Every day was a test. Learned to trust God. My faith in Jesus my savior sustains me. There is still the rest of the story. God began a good work.
Levonne led the group through 56 Degrees to bring the Bible alive to each of the kids. The kids collect points for points toward the Triple B Trophy. And the winners by 87 points are the boys! They are moving into youth group now. They each now get a Bible protector.

Oh Lord you never let go of me!
This year's babies presentation.

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