Sunday, June 30, 2013

Proverbs and Wisdom Literature

Early bird gets the worm. Everything has an end excerpt the sausage has two.
Pastor Dave Ens
What does biblical wisdom do for us? God is right there with us. The Greek word for wisdom is Sophia.

There are many voices out there. What do you listen to? How can we find wisdom. The oldest wisdom book is the book of Job. There is a transaction between God and Satan in a bizarre chain of events. Job's 3 friends speak to Job the traditional wisdom. For a long time they argue back and forth. Job 28. It's a ballad about where shall wisdom be found?
God understands the way to wisdom. The fear of the Lord is wisdom.
That's the mystery of finding wisdom.
Fear of the Lord is an interesting line. It's about God is God and I am not. Turn to God for wisdom. Wisdom is perspective. If you need more, ask God. Wisdom is a posture that leans to God. A fool is someone who says there is no God. Wisdom eludes the fool.
Job's friends mean well. They think they have it figured out.
God gives wisdom to everyone who asks. Happy are those who find wisdom.

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