Sunday, July 07, 2013

Summer wisdom: Being

James 2:19-27, 3:13-18
Delbert Enns
All for Jesus? We live in tension everyday. I want to be more like I used to be. What makes me happy? Where does the good life come from? I want I want I want! Can I live the good life without pain?
Do you like reno projects? Do the expenses ever stop? Does chasing the good life ever stop? Do the kids ever stop wanting more?
Why do keep chasing the good life? Do we go to God like a vending machine? We want our little buckets filled. Emotional, happiness, satisfaction. We think God should fill those buckets.

James defines the good life. A way of doing life. Humility with wisdom and gentleness. Who had greater wisdom? Thomas Edison or his mom? His teacher sent a note saying he was too dumb to teach. His mom decided to teach him at home. She taught him everything she knew.
Whatever we have been told we are, we become, unless someone is willing to raise us up.
Wisdom is not a popularity contest. Wisdom comes with the humility of what God has done. Tom's mom taught him about God. Home schooled and prepared to be an inventor.

Check point!
What motivates you? Selfish ambition? Check your heart! Pure heart? Evil? Psalm 16: don't shop for God by brand name. Message
2. Peace making lifestyle. Are you at peace with those around you? v17 willing to yield and be at peace.
3. Committed to the process of getting wisdom from God? Treat each other with dignity and honor. Talk to someone and bring peace to them. 
Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration. Thomas Edison

4. Perseverance in prayer. 1:5 God says ask and I will give. Pick up God's word and read.
Pray! Pray! Pray!

Fellowship with those you don't normally associate with and make a difference this week.

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