Sunday, July 28, 2013

Finding Balance
The 16 youth go to Thailand leaving Friday morning. Phase 12 Corey Bell has created a blog . They will be helping Dave and Louise with the church planting ministry.

The Grey Owls are going on the Prairie Dog Central on Tuesday 11 a.m. call 204.222.8080

A good worship song praises God. It's to worship God, not singing about God. Instead of Forever God is with us, sing, Forever You are with us. Makes a big difference!
Hosana you are with us

Terrance: Sophia's Garden. Yoda's Garden. Wisdom. Listen to what God has to say. When we water the plants they grow. Not instantly. It takes time. Same with praying for wisdom. We pray and sometimes it takes a while.

Our bodies are designed to take breaks. We need to sleep. Every day. Rest to get strong.

Psalm 23. The Lord is my Shepherd. He gives me strength.

When you make bread the dough has to rest before baking. Flowers need to rest to grow.

Andrea Toews, Children's Ministry:
The plants are growing. When watering the plants I pray for God's guidance. Sharing the Word is such a responsibly. Wisdom is more than knowing what it is, but to be obedient to God.

I have been amazed at how these plants have grown!

Last Sunday's object lesson worked well. A Mars bar a day, at work rest and play. The ad leaves the impression that the Mars bar creates a well balanced life.

Leisure can be very stressful. A perfect plan can get very exhausting.
A lesson from jelly beans. 28,000 days of our lives. What are you going to do today?
Is there a perfect balance for life?
Proverbs: Do not love sleep or you'll go hungry. Learn from the ants. Work work work.  Or poverty will attack you! Like a bandit.
God gives rest to God's loved ones. God's burden is light. God values hard work but wants rest in our lives.
God painted a picture of what is good balance. He worked 6 days and then he rested from all his work. God wants us to have rhythm. Circadian rhythm has been built into us. Our calendars have been built on the 7 day rhythm. A French experiment of running a10 day week left the people exhausted. The Soviet Eternal calendar was a 5 day week. They staggered work days. That did not work. So they implemented a 6 day week. That did not work so eventually they switched back to the 7 day week. God designed us to take a day to worship him. Take time to be holy. Let God be your guide. In joy or in sorrow still follow your Lord.
Work is part of creation. God values it. Busy is easy, smart is hard.
Jesus and his disciples went off to rest. Jesus left the crowd just when there were so many people that needed his help.
Leonardo DaVinci knew he needed rest to do his best thinking.
Rest helps us to be more effective. Aesop said a bow needs to rest so it can produce music. You'll be the best for the Lord if you loosen the bow.

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