Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sticks and Stones May

Great Is Thy Faithfulness
Ancient Words Lynn Deshazo
Greg Armstrong
A Boy Named Sue - names can hurt.
Ancient words are so true
James. We can steer a horse with a bit or a ship by a small rudder. No one can tame the tongue. Can a fig tree bear olives?

Inadequate. Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. That's ridiculous!

If I am a child of the I Am I can say to you, you are!

Sin is sin. Telling lies. Spreading rumors. Unsigned letters. That's bullying. Leads to suicide.

I was told in grade 5 that I would not amount to anything. For 20 years it was true. That word hurt me for all that time. The great I Am loved me more than that teacher hated me.

The power of the tongue. The grace of God is greater. Keep your tongue under control. Even fools that keep their mouth shut are considered wise.

By your words you will be judged. Proverbs 26.20 fire goes out without wood.
Soulpancake you are beautiful. Give compliments.

If I say I know the I Am then I can say you are beautiful.

Isaac means laughter. Zacchaeus means hope.
The name change happens over time. Jesus is changing you. Saul named after the king was changed to Paul means small.

A childless old man Abram was renamed Abraham. God renamed Jacob (grasper) to Israel (God wrestler).

Greg and Gregory. Sometimes I'm one sometimes the other.

Your new name is God's name for you. He gives you a white victory stone with your name inscribed on it.

You can no more make amends for harmful words than you can gather the feathers of a pillow scattered in the wind. Fix your gaze on the name God gave you.

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