Sunday, September 15, 2013

What is working in the kingdom of God?

Mark 2.1,12
Falcon Lake Church
Pastor Brian Hamilton
What is easier, tell him he is forgiven or tell the paralyzed man to get up and walk?
Jesus was back home in Capernaum. Jesus was making a huge impact. News spread quickly. Soon there was a crowd at the door spilling out unto the street. People at the windows trying to see and hear Jesus. 4 men showed up with a physically handicapped friend. This is strange for that era. Handicapped people were mostly ignored. These friends carried the paralytic. They could not get through the door so they climbed up and chopped a hole in the roof so they could lower the man to the feet of Jesus!
Would I be willing to do that? These men are a good example to us.
1. They were people focused and willing to be inconvenienced. Could they have been the 1st row? Yes They were healthy men.
They had to repair the roof afterwards. Be concerned about others more than about ourselves.
2. They had a spirit of cooperation. One might have been able to haul him up the roof and drop him at Jesus' feet. Jesus could have healed him of the concussion too. We all need each other. We have different gifts but as we work together the kingdom gets built.
3. Conviction. These men were determined to reach Jesus. That determination meant victory and healing to their friend. That determination causes church growth. James Corbett was a boxing star. How do you get to the top? Fight one more round.
4. They knew that the most important thing for their friend was to be laid at the feet of Jesus. Will we disturb others too much. Thank you God for people willing to dig holes in roofs. People willing to bring friends to Jesus.
Imagine what God can do if we all become willing like the 4 friends to bring people to Jesus.
Come back to the cross and say Lord forgive me.
See yourself in the story to be led of the Lord and bring others to the feet of Jesus.
That can only be done in the power of God.
Let's pray.
Come thou fount of every blessing.

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