Sunday, January 19, 2014

Religion Poisons Everything?

Politics Poisons Everything?
Business Poisons Everything? MONEY Poisons Everything?

"The dividing line between good and evil runs right through the human heart." Solzhenitsyn

Life after God.  Coupland. I need God.  I need him to help me.

Everything Poisons Everything?

Without God nothing makes sense.  Jesus was anti religion.

5 simple things. 
1. Humans designed for relationships. Not rules regulation doctrine
2. Humans have incredible value made in the image of God. Not random atoms.
3. There are real choices to be made that makes a real difference. Not better by ethics
4. There is such a thing as real love.  Jesus came to save
5. There is a big story. We can't just think that everyone can invent their own way.
It all centers on Jesus.
God is generous and there is room for everyone in God's house.

Why are Christians so self righteous? They shouldn't be because the Bible says we are all filthy.

God relates to us personally.  There are fundamental major differences between Christianity and other religions. Islam teaches the opposite to the Bible. Love is not part of Islam. Very different. To say all religions are the same makes you very self righteous and arrogant.  All these people that believe what they believe don't agree with you.
We need help.

Mike - what happens to Christian soldiers that just killed someone and then got killed.
Just wars theory.  Sometimes wars are inevitable. Sometimes killing is not murder.

Christ is the only One that can give deep soul satisfaction.  Too often in our age of consumption we keep being hungry because we chase the wrong things.

If you join Christ he promises you'll have trouble but the rewards are well worth it.

In Islam persecution of Christians is real.  We tend to water it down.

Tamara worked with atheists soldiers.  Be good for goodness sake. We need to watch that the secular humanists and atheists don't steal biblical values.

Dr Leff, atheist philosopher says we are all the same. Why can't I decide to poison everything.  Good does not exist without a higher powers.

Do we have better thinking now than 3000 years ago? We are so specialized that we don't connect the dots.

Freedom from or freedom to achieve our purpose.

Craig Evans. Acadia. Good scholar. Paul and James wrote occasional letters. He died for his faith.  James dealt with the Jewish Christians. Paul with the the Greeks. So their letters are different.  Check the book of Acts. They agreed.

Attitudes sometimes masquerade as ideas.

Sort your ideas into show stoppers and rattlers. If you want to be an atheist what are the problems. Physics converts people into theists.
Pakistani pastor was tortured. Christians in the west are afraid of being laughed at.  We need a revival of confidence.

Reasons for suffering. Job was not rewarded. Naomi was not rewarded.

Intellectual lens can deal with it.  Christ deals with it. He comes too late.  Jesus wept. He was angry at death.

When we look to Jesus it's unique,  rare, to see a God of love.  Because of that we can trust him. Job did not talk about God he spoke to God. Our God is not silent. He went to the cross.

The God of the Bible wants to be understood. That's why we need good translations.

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