Sunday, April 06, 2014

Who do you say I am?

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Dave Ens pastor.
When Satan tempted Jesus, Jesus repeatedly said No.
Satan's temptations were not about what Jesus came to do but to take a shortcut to the goal. Jesus said the end does not justify the means.
Does the end justify the means?
John 14. Jesus prepares his disciples with the idea that he is leaving. Where do we go from here? His disciples ask.
Jesus said don't be troubled. I'm preparing a place for you. You are not alone.  There is ongoing work Jesus is doing.
My peace I leave with you. You already know the way. Thomas is like us always questioning. There is danger in looking for a new way when Jesus has already given us the way. We always want the latest thing.
We go through frantic things just so we can relax. We look for the new things. We get distracted by the devil. He takes good things and makes us make them into idols. Buy more. A bit more. Focus on more.
John 14 Jesus said you've seen me you've seen the Father. There is only one way one God.
You walk in light.

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